Needing a root canal

It is just a matter of time that at some point in your lifetime you are going to need to get a root canal.  Root canal are a very common dental procedure. A root canal is needed when the nerves around the teeth are attacked by germs. You will then suffers from swollen gums and unwanted pulp filling up within your tooth. If not treated, it can spread and affect near by teeth and cause severe dental problems.

If you are suffering from sensitive teeth or swollen gums, it best to get your teeth checked by a dentist.  He or she will examine your teeth and take x-rays to see what is going on.  If the dentist determines that you do indeed need a root canal then they will set up an appointment for you to come in.

The process begins with an injection of anesthesia around the affected area.  Your dentist will then drill into the tooth and extract unwanted pulp.  Don’t worry you won’t feel a thing.  The area will be disinfected, the tooth will be cleaned and then sealed.